Hi, I'm Alex.

A perpetually curious child growing up on the move between two  continents and a half dozen countries, I developed an early love for simple, candid keepsakes. My camera and I are drawn to unconventional angles, the interesting in the ordinary; the ironic. Among my greatest inspirations are Elliott Erwitt, Albert Camus, and Yi Sang.

I ask a lot of questions, because I think better questions always lead to more meaningful answers. As an undergraduate at the University of Chicago, I majored in what I like to call DIY philosophy, designing my entire coursework around a question I chose for myself. (Happy to chat about this always—we can go for a beer).

I am presently based in Chicago, where I freelance as a photographer and manage The Point, now one of the fastest growing literary magazines in North America. Outside of work, I dance competitively as part of a crew here in the city.

Some of my current projects include:

  • Developing UX/UI for The Point's new website
  • Learning typography to improve my graphic design skills
  • Organising an international funkstyles dance event for September 2017

All criticism, questions, and outreach are welcome!

+1 (312) 618 3561

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